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trinket bowl*.  8 cm x 4 cm (approx) white inner and vanilla outer. Both the inside and the outside are made from the same glass colours but in reverse. Where the two colours a reaction is set up resulting in fine lines of dark grey and amber.

(*please note this listing is for the single bowl at the base of the stack in the main picture)

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The collection of vanilla and white bowls and vases are made of two colours of glass which are fired up to five times to achieve the result. the design, process and heat of the kiln produces different variations of colour as the elements in the two colours react against each other. Each firing is up to 804 degrees and is in the kiln for over 24 hours.  The depth of the bowl can only be achieved by slumping in progressively deeper moulds and then for a final time to iron out an uneven base when possible. the edges are then smoothed out and either polished or in this case sandblasted to achieve a lovely subtle and smooth almost soft feel to the glass. 

As this is a handmade product there will be slight imperfections that occur in the making of the product. This one for instance has slight bumps on the inside. These have occurred because the two layers of glass have been sandwiched with a layer of clear glass powder to avoid a deep reactive shadow forming at the base. You can see this in a couple of the ‘on sale items’ One solution created a second imperfection! 

I use my bowls for all sorts of things. I have one on my desk with memory sticks and SD cards in it, one in the kitchen holds my garlic and a couple in my bedroom keep my earrings safe.  and some just sit there so that they can be admired!

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