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max size 8cm x 5cm.  one morning I was looking at the photograph I took of a chapel at the top of naxos, an island in the aegean sea and wondered if I could make it in a vase. Here it is!

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if you are wondering how these delicate little vases are made then you need to think doughnuts. Firstly, a flat blank if fired with the design in place. The blank is then suspended over a doughnut of bisque clay and the kiln works it’s magic. the three photographs below show you a very quickly taken shot of a vase dropping. this happens at over 700 degrees and takes nearly three hours to achieve. and that’s after 5 hours to get to temperature and another 16 hours to cool down! 

these vases take  time to make as one fault in the glass and it will won’t drop to form the vase. opening the kiln after the drop is an exciting moment as you can see how the pattern has reformed itself after dropping through the aperture in the bisque doughnut.

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