A year and a couple of weeks ago I pulled out my sewing machine and my rag bag of fabric and made a make-up bag – badly. So I made another one. Slightly less badly and then I made a make up brush bag – really really bad, and then I made a tote bag. Which was brilliant!  A year (and a new sewing machine) and my bag is still going strong.

I would go so far as to say that baring an unfortunate accident with a pair of scissors it’s pretty indestructible.

The only change despite a few flasks of coffee being deposited in its midst is that it didn’t pass the 90°C wash test. At which point the colour came out of the straps and turned the fabric slightly grey. But I can now say without a doubt that the bag is washable, reversible and indescrutable.

In the last year, my bag has been shopping and on holiday. It’s had my washing kept in it and hauled up and downstairs to the washing machine. It’s been to the beach and been covered in sand, and kept a few wet towels company as well as taken on a dual function as a pillow. It’s been flung into both my car, a hire car, buses and trains and aeroplanes. It’s been on a couple of city breaks and it’s put up with me being stuck at an airport for hours. It has suffered the indignity of being pushed to one side and usually lands on the kitchen floor for a few days and yet every single week it carries my full supermarket shop to the car and into the house without a complaint or a broken egg.

And most of all its accepted uninvited compliment after compliment with good grace and without blushing as a fine-looking bag should.

In short it pretty much is the epitome of this quote from the Parisian chick look book “What should I wear today?”

“There’s nothing stylish about caring a bag that’s an imitation of a well known brand putting aside the conditions in which it was made and it’s mediocre quality, the bag is much less luxurious than a genuine sincere cotton tote bag”

My bag has now got a lot of friends and is in three sizes.! I’ll let you know soon how you can grab one if you are not able to get to one of the events before Christmas. In the mean time please email me and let me know if you can’t wait.